PropGEN - Your Proposals Next Generation

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Automated Notifications

Allows pre-designated managers to be notified of proposal progress including workers compensation information for underwriting purposes. Managers are notified of pending proposals submitted for approval and Users/Reps are notified of approved or rejected proposals.

Pricing Flexibility &
Profit Management

Percentage of payroll pricing, flat rate/per check fee pricing, bundled, unbundled, wage limits, tax margings, workers compensation margins, administration fee margin - all displayed and accessible through Investment Analysis page.


PEO can add and manage supplemental proposal pages, write an executive summary, generate next step action items list, and manage and view all PEO costs. prices and profitability online for each proposal generated.

Consistent Proposals

Regardless of state, region, branch, manager, rep... proposals are uniform in general content (customization still applies), message and appearance, assisting PEO with national branding and marketing efforts.

Speed To Market

Reps input data online and once approved, proposals and contracts are immediately available for printing. Reps are more responsive to their prospects.


No software to buy or manage. No IT resources spent. Get notifications on cell phone and underwrite/approve deals from anywhere, anytime.

Save Time

Quit having reps type up or cut/paste from oher proposals. Simple, online, easy to train on, etc. Generate proposals in 5 minutes!

Management Reporting

Track rep proposal production data instantly and online. No more special reports, unnecesary calls or wasted activities.

Unlimited Users License

Full user level management - you could have reps in any part of the nation and it wouldn't matter.

Proposal Details Archive

Archive client-specific proposal information for future reference and client setup assistance.


For your sales reps in any state and for any client with one or many locations.

Executive Summary Library

Customizable executive summary template and challenges/solutions library.

User Rights

Reps access only their deals.

No tool has ever been easier. We close deals faster.